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Morals Are Relative

ecstatic in the poison

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1. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. If you don't like it, don't read it, don't look, DON'T flame.
2. Cut it out. Don't be afraid to use LJ-cuts liberally. Use them for posts longer than a small paragraph, as well as any kind of fanfiction, fanart, icons or essays.
3. Parental Advisory Warning. If it's rated R or NC-17, or has nudity/kinks/general non-worksafe content, please use a LJ-cut and put an appropriate warning on it.
4. Attention Rhodes scholars. Discussions, essays, and that sort of thing about other pairings are allowed, as long as they belong to Naruto. Such things about obscure, odd or underappreciated pairings are even better.
5. Participation is mandatory. No fair just hanging around to leech your pairing off of what other people do. Leave posts, leave comments, let us know you live in this community, or else you won't.
6. A drabble is worth a thousand words. Fanfiction and fanart are welcome and happily encouraged!

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